Rebranding the most popular radio station
for young Berliners

Discipline: Brand Identity and Campaign
Year: 2016
With: Boros

Fritz is a radio station for adolescents in Berlin and Brandenburg. The challenge was to redesign the brand identity to communicate Radio Fritz as the radio station for young Berliners. A cross-media image campaign introduced its new position and design with backlit posters, billboards, social media posts, and a cinema spot.


The new brand language is a quick and dirty, handmade look and makes the impression of fast occupation to approach the fun-loving, spontaneous youth. The main recognition elements are a customized type face and the painted brand color yellow.


With these unique elements, it's easy to brand any material. The Fritz font obtains an authentic hand-written look with three versions of each letter.


The new tagline "Radio has a name – Fritz" sums it up in a nutshell. In the campaign, young dancers take over the city. But all faces are painted yellow: No testimonials; everyone can be Fritz.

The visual appearance captures the brand attributes of fun, action, silliness and joy, and invites the target group to play with it.


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